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GASFE started its business life in the first months of the same year in 2017 with the aim of sun providing world-class products to its customers using the latest technologies in engineering and production ”. In order to achieve this goal, it has understood the importance of R & D investments from the first day and made its first investments in this field. Firstly, it defined the product development processes in a completely digital environment. For this purpose, Product Life Process Management ”system, which includes design, validation, production and quality control processes, was commissioned.

In 2018, product designs were started with the torches included in the Industrial Annealing / Heating product group. He completed his design studies in May of the same year with his R & D approach, which considers a product as a system. The field tests, which lasted 7 months, were successfully completed in December and the products were put into pre-series production.

2019 was the year of the first commercial sales. Firstly, it is focused on the insulation / insulation sector where the products have intensive and difficult usage conditions. As a result of the commercial applications realized under conditions where expectations were high in professional use, mass production of the product was started by receiving positive feedbacks from the leading companies of the sector. In our first product, the customer satisfaction rate is predicted to be 99.98% by the end of the year.

Our target for 2020 has been announced as “Year of System Integration.. For this purpose, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) investments have been made and it is aimed to be implemented in the first month of the year. In this way, we aim to increase the success we have achieved in our products through customer relationship management, which is the last link of the Product Life Process, on the customer satisfaction side. Another objective is to increase the product variety by spreading the experience gained from this process throughout the company.

Another factor we focus on as GASFE is customer satisfaction. Therefore, in each of our processes, we listen to you first and attach importance to it. We always believe that you are the starting point of the thoughts and approaches that make the difference. The main principles that we attach importance to this purpose are as follows; 

  1. World-class product quality

  2. Availability of products as price

  3. Working 24/7 policy at the after-sales support point

  4. Informing the customer in a timely manner with accurate information about their needs

  5. Achieving sustainability in product quality and keeping quality unchanged for years

  6. Creating a corporate culture that respects human and environment for a sustainable future on a global scale

Knowing the value of your trust with these principles, we design, produce and meet our products. The produce on behalf of our country and we are very proud to be producing Turkey's part.

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